turbo the chihuahua

This little Chihuahua puppy is Turbo.

Turbo was born without any front legs due to a birth defect.

He was getting picked on by his littermates because he had trouble getting around.

The compassionate staff at The Downtown Veterinarian in Indianapolis took him in. They wanted to help Turbo become more mobile but can’t fit him with a cart until he is 6 months old due to his growth spurts.

So it’s time to get creative with tiny things that will fit him like toy parts!

After some trial and error, they built Turbo the perfect set of wheels.


Rollin’ on toy wheels!

You can help Turbo get his permanent set of wheels here. You can also watch Turbo grow on Facebook and Instagram.

it’s all too much

We’d all like to think that if we went abroad for 2 years, our canine friends would give us a fitting welcome home. In the case of Casey the Schnauzer, she was so excited for a family member’s return that she passed out. As a precaution Casey was taken to the vet and was given the all clear. Now that is a home coming to remember!

cat cafe melbourne

Australia’s first ever cat café opens their door for business today. We first reported the proposal for a cat café in January and now it’s finally a reality!

The aptly named Cat Café Melbourne is located in a two storey heritage building, near the well know Queen Victoria Market. The café itself is on the ground floor and the 12 friendly kitties are on the first. Might we add that all the cats are from rescue shelters!

There are five rooms in total upstairs but only four are accessible by humans. That’s right, there’s a cat only room for the kitties that want a little break from all the patting and playing.

If you are keen to visit, you can book your session online. Us Sydneysiders are still no closer to having a cat cafe of our own but we will definitely visit next time we’re in Melbourne.

one fast cat

We all know that play is an important ritual in a cat household. It helps our kitties release all the pent up energy they would spend out hunting in the wild. When this energy is not released, it could lead to behavioural problems such as play aggression.

One Fast Cat is a cat sized hamster wheel designed to help indoor cats stay physically stimulated. We think it’s a great idea for breeds that are more ‘high energy’ such as Bengals and Sphynxes.

Their $10,000 goal on Kickstarter has already been met, so we’re looking forward to seeing this becoming available for purchase very soon! When’s the big dog version coming?